"Making you Beautiful from the Inside Out"

B-Signature Facials

oxygen lifting facial

Oxygen lifting facial

O² Lift Using oxygen, a plant-derived technology and specially concentrated enzymatic botanicals. The O2 lift delivers a premium spa experience with immediate results. This luxurious spa treatment produces gorgeous luminous skin.


Micro brightening

Intense brightening therapy. Helps to treat sun damage, discoloration, melasma and other pigmentations issues. Professional combination of micro exfoliation and a blend of botanicals, green tea, azelaic acid and willow bark extract for a natural an anti-inflammatory and lightener effect.

Intensive bio-nourishing

Intensive bio-nourishing

Prepare your skin for the harsh weather with this unique blend of micronized hyaluronic acid and plant-stem cell. These ingredients are delivered into the skin on a sphere, allowing for deeper penetration. The plant-derived stem cells aids in the prevention of cell damage.