"Making you Beautiful from the Inside Out"

By: info | January 03, 2018

Hormones are powerful substances. They can influence and control metabolism, hunger cravings, circadian rhythms, immunity, hair growth, mood swings, energy levels, weight gain, and reproduction. Even a tiny imbalance in our hormones could cause a big change in any of these areas, because it takes very low hormone concentrations to cause a large response in our bodies.


And yet, powerful as they are, we rarely think of hormones as the culprits behind our constant fatigue, our irregular periods, our irritability, or our weight gain. Much less do we think about the fact that the small, banal things we do every day have the ability to influence these all-powerful hormones and their effects.

If you’re among those busy women who think of everyone e...

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By: info | December 14, 2017

It’s no secret that the cause and appearance of cellulite is one of the biggest challenges of modern aesthetic medicine. The appearance of dimpled skin is a result of fat deposits that push through the connective tissue under the skin. Often described as “cottage-cheese” or “orange-peel” skin, cellulite is caused by a combination of several factors, including genetics, the influence of hormones, poor circulation, toxins, a sedentary lifestyle, and high consumption of caffeine, among others.
There is a common misconception that cellulite is present mostly in people who are overweight. The reality is that while excess weight can often worsen it, cellulite is still present in people who are within range of their recommended weight.
Cellulite aff...